The new website adds electronics to its list.

If you've made it here you'll have already seen our new website. Let me first say, it is still a work in progress, and adding products of an evening takes forever but we will get there!

Since I took over the company about a year ago I have invested huge amounts of time taking us from a normal everyday garage to a performance and tuning centre. My background and passion lies within making things faster so it was a natural progression once I finally had my own space to work with.

I get a lot of companies offering us dealer opportunities but I am very careful which products I will add to our lists. Everything you find for sale on this site, I have had personal experience with, meaning if you have questions or queries we can answer them rather than just being a shop front with a vague product knowledge.

This brings me to the reason behind this first blog post. Electronics, namely Motorsport Electronics, one of the newest brands to come on board.

Motorsport Electronics create and supply a wonderful range of aftermarket ECUs and ignition controllers for a number of applications. One of which being a speciality of ours, the 4E-FTE engine found in the EP82 and EP91 turbo Toyota Starlet. I still highly recommend everyone has a go in one at least once in their life. I'm still like a little kid when boost hits hard in an 800kg tincan!

Back when I first started building and tuning these little pocket rockets, the go to power hike was to fit a TD04 turbo, and a Greddy Emanage piggy back ecu. The tuners out there will know that these are not the best choice, tuning issues were ripe with many tuners actually refusing to map them!

Obviously there were other choices in the standalone market but the costs involved back then were huge compared to the value of the car, meaning unless you had a serious race build on your hands the obvious choice was the piggyback option.

Jump forward 10 years, and after a brief time away from starlets I get a booking. A young lad with a Glanza V wants me to go over the car and redo the map another tuner had previously done, but that's another blog post on its own! Anyway the car was running an emanage blue, the base model of the Greddy piggyback options. 

By now I've been involved in building some very serious track and drift cars. Standalone ecu's like Link and Haltech are my go to and I'm wondering which will be best to put together as a package with a custom direct fit loom for the starlet community.

Then I come across Motorsport Electronics Ltd. I had previously had a play with their ME221 ECU on a turbo MX5 and I was impressed with the MEITE software and the capabilities of the ECU for the price, but as the mx5 market is pretty complete with off the shelf parts and builders I left it there. If only I had looked properly to start with! 

Not only is the product great but they make an off the shelf standalone ECU for the 4E-FTE that plugs directly into the standard loom using the standard sensors for its inputs. How could I have missed this! After a phone call and a few back and forth emails I was able to supply the range to my customers. 

Finally a solution to the Emanage Epidemic had been found!

We can and always will tune the Emanage as long as we need to but for the money the ME221 wins its price range for me. Our big power builds will still 9 times out of 10 run a link or syvecs but for the simplicity, the ME221 with its plug and play or premade looms for the zetec/duratec engines etc is the go to choice for road cars with us. 

To show our support to Motorsport Electronics we are offering discounted fit & tune on your vehicle if a Motorsport Electronics ECU is purchased through us until the end of the year. 

Cheers all