BMW E90 E92 M3 Big End Rod Bearings.

As all owners and enthusiasts of the BMW M3 range know the E9x S65 engine suffers from extremely tight clearances on the big end bearings which can in the worst instance lead to bearing failure. Owners have taken to replacing the bearings as a preventative measure. We have now carried out many of these replacements and have developed our own method to keep the time sensible and the costs at a reasonable level. 

We recommend and fit as standard

  • ACL bearings
  • ARP big end bolts
  • Revshift engine mounts

During this process we thoroughly inspect both the crank and big ends for any signs of damage as well as checking the clearances with the new bearings to make sure they are within spec. The engine mount replacement is optional but very much advised. To change the engine mounts is quite a job in itself but its made much easier when carrying out the big end replacement as the subframe is removed from the vehicle. The standard rubber mounts are usually perished and past their best so replacement with the poly revshift option means they are much less likely to fail.

Our charge for this service including the above parts is £1498.00. 

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