Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU with ST170 loom
Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU with ST170 loom
Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU with ST170 loom

Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU with ST170 loom

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Designed for fully sequential control of four cylinder engines, as well as forming an integral core to the range of ME221 based PnP ECUs, it’s a feature packed ECU, in a compact, reliable and affordable form factor.
With support for a range of OEM sensors and trigger patterns, as well as being versatile enough to offer flexibility where it’s needed – including often ‘expensive’ features such as Fully Sequential fuel control, Flex-Fuel, Closed Loop Boost & VVT as well as Windowed DSP Knock Control and core features such as programmable inputs, custom tune-able sensor tables and full 3D mapping, the ME221 really blurs the line between lower priced and higher featured engine management systems.
Essentially any port injection, four Cylinder engine, either turbocharged or normally aspirated can be ran semi or fully sequential with an array of Motorsport features to boot, all powered by the ME221 ECU.
This package includes the ME221 ECU, ST170 Plug-n-Play Loom, RS232 Tuning Cable & Quick Start Sheet.
The ME221 ST170 loom is complete with the stock ST170 Cam & Crank sensor, Throttle Sensor, Coil-pack and VVT solenoid connections. MAP, Intake Air and Coolant connections are a Bosch 2-pin mini-timer type.
This system will give precise, closed loop control of your ST170’s VVT system – gains of over 40 ft/lbs have been shown when using closed loop VVT as opposed to locking the cam.
Connectivity Specification:
  • 2x IGBT Coil Drivers for Direct Coil Drive
  • 4x High Impedance Injector Drivers (Can be used to drive two injectors each, or as spare Low Side Drivers)
  • 3x Spare 10A Low Side Drivers (User Assignable features, ie Fuel Pump, VVT, Boost Solenoid etc)
  • 1x 12V Tachometer Output
  • 2x VR/OPTO/HALL Crank and Cam Signal Inputs
  • 1x Knock Sensor Input
  • 7x Analogue Sensor Inputs (Can be used as digital inputs)

If you are turbocharging the engine you will require the 3 bar map sensor. Combine this with the ME boost control kit for a fully ecu controlled boost setup.

Full fitting and dyno tuning options are also available. Please add the tuning option when purchasing this ECU and we will contact you to arrange fitting and tuning on your vehicle.