Motorsport Electronics ME442 Toyota Starlet EP91 Plug in ECU

Motorsport Electronics ME442 Toyota Starlet EP91 Plug in ECU

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The ME442 Starlet  Plug-In is the latest premier Engine Management System for the EP82 1990-1995 & the later EP91 “Glanza”.

Along with the standard ME221 feature set, the ME442 version adds the following features:

  • On-board Bosch Wideband Lambda O2 Controller (Just add one of our Wideband sensor kits to give highly accurate closed loop fuelling.)
  • On-board Real-Time-Clock and SD Card Data Logging
  • Drive-by-Wire Support
  • K-Type EGT Input
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • CAN Bus for external dashboards and expand-ability

The core has as standard:

New for 2019 – the Gen2 Model adds direct USB Connectivity and even more I/O!

  • Uses the ME221 ECU Core (NXP Automotive Processing Power)
  • Supports all factory sensors.
  • Truly Plug-n-Play
  • 16×16 Floating Point Fuel and Ignition & Boost Tables (with dual table switching)
  • VE based fuelling algorithm.
  • Run any type of high impedance injectors.
  • Lots of Spare-IO for extra sensors, Coil-On-Plug Upgrades as well as multiple spare outputs!
  • DSP Knock Control
  • Uses the OEM stock 2 Bar MAP Sensor (which is easily upgrade-able)
  • Closed Loop Boost Control, Protection and Boost by Gear.
  • Launch Control and ALS.
  • Fully Sequential Injection and Ignition available.
  • Uses the powerful, free, MEITE tuning studio.
Package contents:
  • ME442 Plug-In Core Board
  • USB Communications Cable
  • Stickers



  • 180MHZ 32-bit RISC Processor
  • 5-28V Input
  • Plug-In Systems supports all OEM sensors and features such as AC, Dashboard etc
  • In-built 400Kpa (4 BAR/60psi) MAP sensor where no factory MAP is available
  • Factory Connector, factory casing Re-used where possible for an OEM install
  • Bosch LSU4/2/4.9 Direct Connection Port
  • Auxiliary Connector Adds:
    • 3x Spare Digital Inputs
    • 3x Spare Analogue Input
    • 6x Low Side Outputs
    • 2x TTL Coil Channels
    • CAN-Bus 2.0b Communications
    • EGT K-Type Input
  • Other OEM outputs/inputs such as Purge Valve can be re-purposed as “Boost Control” if required.
  • SD Card Slot for On-board Logging
  • Battery Backed Real-Time Clock
  • 6 Axis Acceleromater and Gyro
  • Drive-By-Wire 7.5A Controller
  • Sequential COP support can be added easily using the Auxiliary connections
  • USB Laptop Communication for real-time tuning.



  • Advanced VE Fuel Model
  • Sequential Fuel & Ignition
  • Digital Crank/Cam Triggers, Array of OEM Patterns Supported
  • Real-Time Switchable Fuel, Ignition & Boost Maps
  • Individual Cylinder Trims
  • Re-mappable Inputs/Outputs
  • 16×16 Floating Point Fuel, Ignition, AFR, VVT, Boost Tables etc
  • Multi-Dimensional Trims (IAT, CLT, VSS, DeltaError)
  • Closed Loop/Open Loop Boost, Idle, VVT, Lambda
  • Closed Loop VVT & simple V-Tec cam control
  • Water-meth injection Control
  • Flex-Fuel Support
  • DSP Windowed Per-Cylinder Knock Control
  • Motorsport Features such as Anti-Lag, Launch Control
  • 6x General Purpose Tables 
  • Long Term Trim and Auto-Tune


 Combine this with the ME boost control kit and 3 bar map sensor for a fully ecu controlled boost setup.

Make use of the wideband plug in optional add-on to keep full control of the fueling within the ecu.

Full fitting and dyno tuning options are also available. Please add the tuning option when purchasing this ECU and we will contact you to arrange fitting and tuning on your vehicle.